HAPPY Sunday!


Many of you will be glad to know I’m not talking about feelings again this week. Well, directly anyway 😉 But I do hope you’re all feeling happier after last weeks email!


Let’s talk blood sugar – which, if you’ve been here a while, you’ve heard me talk about A LOT – but, it’s been a minute, so I want to recap why it’s SO incredibly important to pay attention to.


I am sharing an article (6-8 minute read) from Levels today – you may know them as the company who started the trend of anyone and everyone wearing a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) – not just those with diabetes.


Today’s share does a great job of breaking down WHY we want to pay such close attention to blood sugar and offers some helpful cues to know (without a CGM) if your blood sugar is getting too high or too low.


Blood sugar impacts 99% of the processes in your body.

No matter what a client comes to me wanting to accomplish – stabilizing blood sugar is always the first step.


I like to say, “stable blood sugar is a super power”.

And anyone who’s gone from unstable blood sugar to stable knows well the difference it makes in their mood, cognitive function, blood pressure, sleep, sex drive, cravings, appearance of their skin, ability to lose weight and/or put on muscle, ability to heal and recover faster – not to mention what we find in a blood draw >> how it impacts their cholesterol levels, liver function, hormones… Do I need to keep going?


Read the article. Pay attention to this stuff. It could not only change your life but potentially save it.


Take GOOD care of you this week

…take 5 today to set your intentions for how you will do so!