About Alix

Nutritionist + Corporate Wellness

I feel like I need to pinch myself all the time. For me, “work” is getting to lead people in living better and feeling their best, and better yet, I teach people how to sustain the new lifestyles they find through this process! I get people off the diet rollercoaster and truly teach them how to LIVE—how to establish lifelong habits, practice moderation, and find true health within their balance, boundaries, and reality. 

I am passionate about what I do! Thanks to a battle with anorexia, I started gaining experience in nutrition at an early age. Through that, I developed an absolute love for sharing my story and educating others about the truths of food and the body, not what society or diet-culture tells us. Not one body is the same, so how can we treat each person the same and expect the same results?

My passion is to educate and pour my heart into each and every person who calls on me for help. Society screams extremes! My goal as a nutritionist is for anyone I have the privilege of working with to be a healthier, more balanced individual who is where they want to be, inside and out!