• Precision Nutrition Certified Nutritionist
  • Licensed Sports Nutritionist — National Association of Sports Nutrition
  • MBCE – Functional Blood Chemistry Certified
  • B.A. Marketing, Texas Tech University

Speaking Clients:

  • Dallas Country Club
  • Active Corporation
  • Dallas Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Association
  • Dallas Women’s Club
  • Powered 2 Move Non-Profit

About Alix

Nutritionist + Corporate Wellness Coach

Hi! I’m Alix!

I am the Owner/Founder of Alix Barth Nutrition, where I help adults and teens make peace with food and their body image and teach them how to eat for the rest of their lives.

I battled with anorexia through most of my teenage and young adult years. Through this I gained a significant amount of experience in nutrition and discovered how important our relationship with food and our body is to our overall health.

I get people off of the diet rollercoaster and empower people to trust themselves around food. Through an anti-inflammatory way of eating, my clients think more clearly, heal their gut, increase their immune function, balance their hormones, increase their energy and lose any unnecessary weight they are carrying. They learn how to create a plan and trust themselves.

I was a competitive triathlete for 6 years and also work with athletes in various sports – helping them with their nutrition, specifically for their sport and athletic goals.

My passion is to educate and pour my heart into each and every client. My goal as a Nutritionist is to teach adults and teens how to eat for the rest of their lives and do so in a mind and body they are kind to and enjoy being in!