Alix delivers customized wellness talks for companies of all sizes and demographics in a variety of industries. In 2017, the Center for Disease Control reported that employee absenteeism costs U.S. employers $1,685 per employee every year. Just imagine the impact this is having on companies’ bottom lines. Alix is doing something about this. Through her talks, she educates and motivates employees on how to create health for themselves and STAY healthy. Employees are motivated to come to work, and they’re more engaged in their work and feel valued by the workplace.

Custom Corporate Wellness: Because the culture in every organization is unique, Alix creates wellness talks around specific culture needs.

Why Diets Don’t Work and What to do Instead: Diet culture is at an all-time high; people are addicted to the scale, have low energy, hormonal issues, and feel stuck in the diet cycle. In this talk, Alix explains why diets don’t work and how people can get unstuck.

Potential Audiences: For-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations and associations.

Previous Engagements:

As the program manager of the Employee Engagement department at ACTIVE Network it’s essential that I provide programming that is approachable and supportive for all of the employees at ACTIVE. “All” being key. Whether it’s a well-versed nutritionally sound employee or someone with very little knowledge or nutritional knowhow, creating an environment where everyone can learn and pursue their Best Life is fundamental. Alix provided this. She presented an educational seminar on nutrition that was easily understood and inclusive of all levels of understanding, creating key take-aways that empowered the attendees with easy-to-apply nutrition essentials. She presented herself in very personable manner, even her attire communicated her laid-back but professional approach to living a healthy life. Not to mention, her seminar has been our most highly attended lunch-and-learn yet. I’m excited to continue partnering with Alix in the future. I know the employees of ACTIVE are too. Thank you Alix.

- Kristen Sudela, Active Network

We work with people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Alix spoke to our group (parents of adult children with special needs and those with physical disabilities). Her talk was informative, easily understood, but most importantly, easy to implement. She helped them understand the basics of nutrition and answered many questions specific to our groups unique needs.

- Sharyn Brautigan King, Powered to Move