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Easy Whole Roasted Chicken and VegetablesLife is crazy. For all of us. And when you're trying your darndest to eat clean and keep your family eating clean, it's not always easy, per se. BUT, there is nothing easier than this recipe. I give it to ALL of my clients who are just starting out on the "clean eating band wagon!" It's great for one or two and you'll have lots of leftovers to have through the week or it will make enough for the whole family!
Fudgy Superfood BrowniesWhen the cooler months hit, I really get into baking! Honestly? I wake up thinking about it! As in, almost daily! Ha! And I have to refrain from baking all the things I want to bake because then, I would eat all the things I bake! Thankfully I live with a "cookie monster" so Mo usually eats his fair share! But, it's all SO good!
Grain Free Baked Cinnamon Sugar DonutsIn an effort to share how relatable he is and that he doesn't in fact eat all kale all the time, there is a story Mo shares when he first starts meeting with clients: When he used to Adventure Race, he would stop at Krispy Kreme and eat a dozen donuts, hot off the belt and chase it with a carton of milk, before all of his races. ***I am smiling as I type this*** I honestly wouldn't put it past him to repeat this today!
Grain Free Blueberry MuffinsCan I be honest? I stole this recipe. It's true. I've been claiming it as my own for so long now. But Mo says it's okay - I can have it. 🙂 It was one of the first recipes he came up with out of his research and education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. When we first met - he showed me this recipe and I've never made another blueberry muffin since nor have I tried to find other recipes, etc.
Grain Free Cinnamon Apple Bread with Sea Salt CaramelHELLO Christmas! I am so stinkin' excited about Christmas, I can't even tell you! Last year, we had Christmas, but we literally moved out of our house on the 24th and then stayed with relatives - so, woke up Christmas morning with family, which was wonderful, but you know - just not the same as waking up in your own home.
Grain Free Pumpkin MuffinsIt is October at last! And you know what that means? PUMPKINS! I LOVE pumpkins! Just ask Mo - EVERY time we see a pumpkin, I practically start swooning. They are so fairytale-like to me. Probably the whole Cinderella thing.
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