3 Ingredient Paleo Naan with Easy Primal TzatzikiThis duo of recipes is one of my very favorite things to make for Mo and I (or, just myself 🙂 ) when I get the craving for something bready and unctuous! You know that craving? No? Just me? Ha! If you don't know it - I'm not sure how to explain it... It's just this want for something doughy that has a little chew to it and something to dip that texture in just tops it off! ...takes it over the edge!
Chilled Cucumber SoupWe love and abide by seasonal eating. When you eat seasonally, it is more flavorful, less expensive and naturally more nutritious.
Hatch Green Chile Chicken Lettuce TacosIt's HATCH season!! of my favs! I really love spicy foods - which is interesting because I've grown into that somehow. I have a client who LOVES jalapenos! Every time I ask him about what he's eaten there are always jalapenos involved. So I put them on a salad one day and fell in love! Ever since, I've been a spice queen.
Paleo “Cheesy” Cauliflower with Lemon Coriander Dipping SauceTHIS cauliflower! I mean... I made it for myself as part of my dinner one night when Mo was gone. I thought: "No way I'll eat a whole head of cauliflower on my own, so great! I'll have leftovers!" know where this is going, right? Yeah... Uh, no leftovers. I ate every last morsel!
Tuna Salad Lettuce CupsIt's summer -- and hot food and standing over the stove just doesn't sound appetizing in the least. ESPECIALLY when you live in TEXAS! So, I decided to make an indoor picnic of sorts, because an outdoor picnic this time of year is frankly, a sweat-fest.