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Easy Roasted Tomato SoupI made this soup on a whim one night and now it is one of our favorites! Life has been crazy lately! We're doing a lot of work on our home that we just moved into in January and getting the opportunity to help lots of people and move forward with our coaching and nutrition practices. So, all really wonderful things, but still - BUSY!
Easy Whole Roasted Chicken and VegetablesLife is crazy. For all of us. And when you're trying your darndest to eat clean and keep your family eating clean, it's not always easy, per se. BUT, there is nothing easier than this recipe. I give it to ALL of my clients who are just starting out on the "clean eating band wagon!" It's great for one or two and you'll have lots of leftovers to have through the week or it will make enough for the whole family!
Grass Fed Burger Salad with Caramelized Onions and Paleo Honey Mustard DressingIt is a running joke in the Brossette house that we always have "A Big Salad" for dinner! ...well, not "always" per se - but, it is one of my favorite things to eat, so we do end up with that for dinner quite often. Thankfully though, I make salads really hearty - so one of MY salads for dinner is not what you think of when you think "salad for dinner!" Should we say "salad for dinner" one more time just for fun? LOL!
Lemony Herbed Cauliflower RiceThis recipe came about by accident, which is always fun! I've never been much of a citrus person, but this summer, I have CRAVED it. We moved into a new home in January and are currently in the middle of gutting our backyard, ourselves. I'm here to tell you: yard work is HARD work!
Meatless Mushroom MeatballsAhhhhh Meatless Monday's. I really enjoy them! Sometimes it turns into a "Meatless Thursday" - nevertheless, while protein is obviously an incredibly important macronutrient, it is so wonderful on the body's digestive system to take a break from animal protein sometimes - specifically meats - as these are toughest on the bloodstream and gut to break down. This is not a bad thing. Hear me: I am NOT advocating a meatless LIFE. but it is a great thing to offer the body a chance to break from it on occasion.
Naked Hatch Chile Turkey BurgersTis the season for Hatch Green Chiles and I am SOOOOOOO excited! I love spicy anything -- so I twiddle my thumbs through July, waiting for August, when Hatch Chiles come into season and into stores! I'm putting them in EVERYTHING! ...just ask M0! 😉
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