Alix Barth Nutrition – Recipes

A Healthier Panzanella SaladOk - so let me preface with - this is not a "true" Panzanella salad in every sense of the word. There is not near the amount of bread that is in a typical Panzanella and I've added greens in lieu of all of the bread. Nor did I marinade the croutons in tomato juices, etc. BUT, it eats like a Panzanella. Everything is in big pieces and the juices from the roasted tomatoes create some of the dressing and that seeps into the croutons and mmm... I mean, I can't get enough!
Beef Stir Fry with Ginger, Lemongrass and Coconut RiceI know what you're doing -- you're looking at the list of ingredients below and thinking: "Uhh - this looks complicated and I don't have time!" BUT - YOU DO! I promise! Start to finish, 50 minutes! No, it's not one of those "10 minutes or less weeknight dinners" but this is PACKED full of nutrition and anti-inflammatory properties and is GREAT for your gut.
Bison & Greens Bowl with Crispy Plantains and Chipotle Lime AioliAnyone who knows me -- and I mean, REALLY knows me, knows that I have an absolute hatred for all things banana. I don't want to smell one, be around one, look at one, be in the same room or vicinity as someone eating one and I for SURE don't want to eat one. I've been this way since birth.
Blood Orange Summer SaladSalad's can be boring. We get it. But when it is 7000 degrees in Dallas (not really, obviously - but good-ness it feels like it!) and the LAST thing you want is something hot to eat - salad's can make the perfect meal! That's right... To all my manly men out there - I just referred to a salad as a "meal..."
Cauliflower Chowder with Spiced ChickpeasI get on these kicks sometimes... Recently, it's chowders. I literally wake up thinking about making chowder. I've never made a chowder. Never really had a burning desire to. But then for whatever reason, and this is how it works with me, I see something on TV or I have something at a restaurant and suddenly I am fixated on this one thing.
Clean Eating Chicken Pot Pie StewWhat comes along with that excitement? Getting to cook comfort food! And figuring out a way to make it taste like you want comfort food to taste but also be really good for you - to be something that you won't feel physically bad for eating later - something that is nourishing and healing to our bodies, which is really what comfort food is supposed to be in the first place, right?
Cleansing Hormone Balancing Breakfast ShakeI've just finished up a hormone/liver detox. It lasted 7 days and I've gotta tell you - I feel awesome. Who wouldn't, right? And the biggest plus? I really enjoyed all of the food the detox asked me to eat. I, of course - because I can't help myself - add my own tweaks to the program/recipes - and they turned out absolutely delicious.
Cleansing Spring Vegetable SoupSpring is here and tis the season for cleansing! As holistic nutritionists, one of the things Mo and I focus on in educating clients is eating seasonally and the importance of that for the body!
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