Happy Sunday!

I have received SO many questions about Ozempic – aka Semaglutide.

Other brands you may have heard of are Wegovy, Saxenda, Rybelsus – to name a few.

I am not here to convince you to take it or not to take it.

Simply sharing an article (approx. 8 minute read) that does a good job laying it all out – educating on WHAT these meds actually do once ingested, how they work, upsides and downsides.

I did a couple of Instagram posts on this topic in July – if you missed them, sharing those below as I offer my own insight and opinion on these meds, as well as some things to keep in mind to best support your body if you do decide these are the right path for you.

I suggest reading these in order – 2 minute read each:

You can my first post here.

And second one here.

I’m happy to answer further questions – as always.

Take good care of yourself. Set your intentions for how you want to do so this week.

Sending a big hug to each of you!!