Well hello!


I’m not sure you’re going to be very happy with me after todays share, but I’m willing to take the risk because I do think you’ll at least be glad I told you.


I’m sharing an article (2-3 minute read) from Food and Wine, titled:

The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Order Coffee or Tea on an Airplane


This news honestly shocked me, because I would have thought it would actually be the opposite, and have often encouraged clients (including myself) to partake in some of these things.


Well, now we know better and need to make other arrangements for acquiring hot water for those oatmeal packets I encourage traveling with for ease and a guaranteed nutrient dense breakfast // meal.


Perhaps stopping at Starbucks near your gate to get that hot water or asking the flight attendant to use water from a water bottle, pour into a glass cup and microwave to heat up… I know – kind of a lot to ask, but after you read this – you’ll see it’s worth it.


If you’re saying to yourself after reading – “I see why this is gross but how does this directly impact my health?”


…in one word: mold.


Mold exposure via smell or direct ingestion can wreak havoc on our health – it can cause all sorts of respiratory, hormonal, sleep issues, etc. ESPECIALLY if you’re an avid traveler and partaking in these things more often than not.


The more we know 😬


Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Aside from avoiding hot water on a plane 😉 what is one thing you can do today to care better for yourself?


sending lots of love