HAPPY Sunday!


I’m going to dive right in today and try to keep this short as I know several of my previous Sunday Wisdom’s have been a tad lengthy 😉


Many of you participated in “Dry January”. It’s now the beginning of March – if you’re finding that “old habits die hard” and you’ve jumped back in – I hope todays article will inspire you to pause and reset your intentions.


I am sharing an article from The New York Times today that discusses the impact of alcohol on our gut: gut lining and the bacteria in our gut (think: probiotics) – and how the impact on these two specific areas of our gut microbiome can impact many things that you may not even realize.


What I found most interesting – alcohol impacts our gut bacteria which can then impact our cravings for alcohol. Crazy how it comes full circle. Not to mention how our gut bacteria play a role in our mental health. Anyone feel more anxious the day after drinking? (raising my hand over here)


It’s a short, 3-4 minute read. And my hope is – if you consume alcohol on a regular basis – it will create greater awareness of it’s impact on you – not just your liver and your brain – but, are you more moody the next day, how about your mental health – do you find yourself feeling more sad or perhaps angry, anxious, etc. or less rested (even though you feel like you slept well because alcohol gives us this illusion), perhaps more lethargic or less motivated – in the day or two following drinking?


…this is due in some part because of the impact alcohol has on the brain (more on that in this podcast from Neurologist Andrew Huberman, if you’d like to listen) but also, per the article I am sharing today – how it effects our gut bacteria and how that effects many things that you may have never associated with drinking, but are worth paying attention to.

If you don’t have a New York Times subscription, you won’t be able to read the article. I try not to send articles with a paywall often, or ever really. BUT, felt this was worth it for those who can access.


For those who cannot access – I am sharing a summary of the article (full transparency – via ChatGPT) below.

While the impact of alcohol on the gut microbiome is still not fully understood, it’s known that a healthy microbiome is crucial for digestion, immune function, and intestinal health. Heavy drinking, particularly among those with alcohol use disorder, has been associated with an imbalance of gut bacteria (dysbiosis), which can lead to increased inflammation, a more permeable intestinal lining, and subsequent liver damage. Preliminary research also suggests a link between an unhealthy gut and increased alcohol cravings. On the other hand, moderate drinking, defined as up to two drinks per day for men and one for women, might be associated with a more diverse gut microbiome, potentially due to polyphenols found in certain alcoholic beverages like red wine. However, benefits attributed to moderate alcohol consumption could also result from other lifestyle factors. Studies indicate that reducing alcohol intake can lead to improvements in gut health and reduce the risk of various health issues. Overall, the consensus among researchers is that drinking less is beneficial for health, though the exact effects on the gut microbiome vary based on drinking levels and individual factors.


Clarifying: I am NOT telling you to quite drinking. I AM trying to create more awareness. As I believe strongly that the more aware we are (vs burying our head in the sand) the more proactive and mindful we can be with our choices around self-care and our health.


I hope you all have a positive week ahead!


Big nudge to sit down for 5 minutes today and set your intentions for how you want to show up for yourself (and others) this week.


Always here for questions or encouragement!