Good Morning!


Last week we talked about loneliness. This week, let’s talk about happiness.


I am sharing an article from Sahil Bloom – who I would describe as a positivity activist. In this article, he shares 5 lessons from a conversation he had with a world-renowned happiness expert – Dr Robert Waldinger.


Keeping it short and sweet as I’m not sure anyone needs an explanation on why happiness (and finding more of it) is vital to our health.


That said, I did find it very intriguing that there is one marker (shared in todays article) that is the greatest predictor of physical health (at age 50) – more than cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.


The article is a quick 3-5 minute read and also has a listening option.


Here’s to finding more health in our own happiness!


Be kind to you this week ❤️





My hope for each of you as you continue to cultivate holistic health is the time you spend with yourself, in our own head, is the time you look forward to the most.


Take good care of you this week ❤️