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I get LOTS of questions about protein bars – it seems many are always looking for a new bar, snack, on-the-go breakfast, etc. that tastes good AND is nutritionally dense.

MANY protein bars are more like a candy bar that “tout” being a protein bar.

So, let me educate a bit so that you can choose wisely. Also offering my current go-to protein bars below.

When I am looking at new bar options for myself and clients – I pick up a bar and ask a few questions —

  • What is the protein source?
    • If you can tolerate dairy – we want whey protein concentrate vs isolate.
    • Pea, Rice and Hemp protein are non-dairy sources of protein that are great too. (Some ppl have issues with pea protein – you might need to be some trial and error.)
    • You want to avoid soy protein and whey protein isolate.
  • What is the sugar // sweetener source?
    • Ideally, the sugar source is coming from fruit – apples, dates, figs, raw honey, date paste or sugar, coconut sugar or nectar, stevia.
    • You want to avoid sugar, cane sugar, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, sucralose (Splenda).
  • How much sugar is in the bar?
    • You want 5-7g or less, ideally. I’ve suggested some that are up to 9g – it just depends on the quality of sugar being used and the persons activity level.
    • If you are very active (workout 45 – 60 mins 4-5 days per week, consistently and sleep well // have good sleep hygene – I’m not opposed to a few extra grams of sugar – especially when it’s an unrefined source.
  • What fats are used?
    • Again, ideally – the fats are coming from organic nut butters (organic is especially important if peanut butter is used), nuts, seeds, coconut oil.
    • You want to avoid canola, soybean, conventional peanuts // peanut butter (due to GMO’s).

Bars that I recommend –

You *might* find a couple of these at a local grocery store. But more than likely will need to order via links below.

  • IQ Bar
  • Bulletproof Bar
    • I really like the Vanilla Shortbread flavor best. These *can* be a bit chalky to be honest. Flavor and nutrition are good – but texture is off-putting to some.
    • You can find these at Whole Foods – so if you want to try ONE before committing to a box – you can.
  • EPIC Bar
    • These are similar to a jerky. Great protein. I have some clients who LOVE these and some who don’t care for them. If you like jerky, you’ll enjoy them.
  • Laird Bars
    • I really like the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt flavor – but similar to the Rawr bars (below) I have heard good things about other flavors as well.
  • Rawr Bars
    • I really like the Mint Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Almond flavors best. But am told by other clients that other flavors are yum too – I simply have not tried yet to be able to give an opinion.
    • You can buy combo packs so you can try 2 different flavors at a time if you want. Peruse through the link above.
    • Last note on these – they do need to be refrigerated and will last for 2 hours out of the fridge in cooler weather.
  • Sakara Life
    • These are admittedly not my favorite in terms of flavor. BUT – ingredients are very good – nutrient dense. They travel well // easily and “get the job done” – if you will.
    • I have tried them all – I like the “Beauty” and “Metabolism” flavors best.
  • KION
    • I have not tried these yet. But I LOVE everything this company does. I use their amino acids, their coffee… They are a high quality company. I’ve been following the owner (Ben Greenfield) for years.
    • Please note – these do contain dairy (whey protein concentrate).

Note – it is always my preference that you are getting nutrient dense FOOD in over a supplemental protein source like a bar or protein powder. BUT – bars (and protein powder) can serve a great purpose when we’re in a hurry, traveling, something quick // easily digested pre or post workout, etc.  Let’s just be sure we’re eating nutrient dense choices vs a candy bar disguised as ”healthy”.

As always, I am here for questions!!