Good morning!

First – wishing a VERY Happy Mothers Day to all of the mom’s receiving this, but especially to mine! Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader! ❤️

Summer is ahead and I know for many of you that means travel plans!

I have spoken to several who I know are traveling overseas this summer – all of you have expressed concern over maintaining your nutrition while you’re traveling.

I have some good news for you + some of my go-to travel tips + here is a link to my travel packing list with links to travel size nutrition, supplements, etc.

Some of you know that I took a 2 week trip to Europe in Fall 2022. It was LOVELY. I miss it. I’m ready to go back. BUT – one of the biggest observations I made – I drank wine and ate bread and butter freely – almost daily (two things that are not part of my daily, much less weekly, even sometimes monthly routine when I am home) and my clothes fit BETTER when I got home than they did before I left. How is this possible? The food is higher quality in other countries than it is in the US. Period.

I am sharing a 15 mins video today – entertaining + worth your time – that goes through the list of foods approved by the FDA that certain EU countries have banned due to their harmful impact on our health. The video is educational as it shares WHY certain foods are considered harmful // banned in other countries. It’s eye opening to say the least.

My hope in sharing is a two fold –

1- I hope it educates you and creates greater awareness >> just because the FDA approves something does not mean it is in our best interest to consume it. Sometimes it is. But, do your research. Pay attention. For example: if you have a child (or yourself) struggling with attention disorders or chronic gut issues or mental health struggles – there may be some ingredients (that the FDA has approved) that you (or your child) are unknowingly consuming consistently that could be a culprit to any of these things.

2- I hope this offers a deep breath to any of you traveling to other countries this summer – or anytime – you’re probably going to feel better after being there, even though you will most likely exert less effort toward your health goals than you do in the U.S.

Give it a watch .

Last – a few travel tips – whether you’re traveling overseas or domestic —

1-hydration is your best friend. Don’t underestimate it. Make it happen. Non-negotiable.

2-traveling, while fun, can be very stressful. Regulate your nervous system. BREATHE. Remind your body that it is safe. Smile a lot. Enjoy where you are // what you’re doing. Practice gratitude. (This is easy to forget sometimes bc of the stress of travel).

3-stay consistent with supplements. Set an alert in your phone if needed.

4-make movement a priority – even if not an actual workout – take the stairs instead of the elevator when the opportunity is available, walk to // from meals (at least 5-6 blocks and THEN catch a ride).

5-get morning sunshine – especially when changing time zones.

6-savor and enjoy the food you get to eat instead of spending the time talking about how “you’ll have to ‘get back on it’” when you get home. Be present. Set your intentions to eat MINDFULLY – it is not an opportunity to throw in the towel but rather to enjoy different surroundings and perhaps cultures and push back from the table satiated, not stuffed.

As always – I’m here for questions! SAFE travels this summer! HAVE FUN!