Happy Cinco de Mayo! 💃🏼

Keeping today short and sweet (so I can get the margaritas started 😉)

It’s no news to any of you that moving your body is a helpful foundation for sleep and mental health support.

I am sharing a quick 3-4 min read today regarding a new study from researchers at The University of Texas at Austin that offers the most reliable validation to date of the connection between physical activity, sleep quality and psychological health.

The ultimate takeaway from the study is: regular physical exercise supports deeper sleep stages and better mental health. And what do we already know about getting deeper sleep? …with it, you can literally move mountains with your health:

  • the body feels more safe so it is more willing to “let go” of what it doesn’t need (weight, toxins, excess body fat)

  • hormone health is better supported (less symptomatic monthly cycles – females, better sex drive, more strength + power in the gym)

  • detox pathways are more efficient (better digestion, excretion of toxins, fat loss)

  • cognitive function is better (clearer thinking, less brain fog)

^^only to name a few. Now you can imagine how the body is impacted without adequate deep sleep – just reverse all of the above.

I know most of you here have a workout routine. But if you’ve fallen off the wagon, so to speak, or need some motivation to get this started – this is a neon flashing sign.

And here’s the deal – a 20-30 minute walk every day is FAR better than nothing at all.

For those here (like myself) that struggle to rest – this is not permission to workout MORE. More is not always better. Just let this be validation that your workouts are serving you in many ways – not just strength, bone density and aesthetics.

Last thought – if you DO have a solid workout routine in place AND feel like you sleep poorly – it may be time to assess your routine and make some changes. You could be over-doing it and/or under-nourishing yourself compared to the demands you’re putting on your body.

You’re always welcome to reach out for help!

I’m here for questions!

Take 5 to set your intentions for the week.

Get your movement in and sleep well!

Sending a BIG hug to each of you!


pically 1-2 capsules twice daily). I suggest starting with the lower dose if you are new to probiotic and/or Saccharomyces Boulardii use as it can create constipation, gas and bloating.

I’m sharing two of the brands I like below – saying it again, I do not get any kickbacks from you purchasing from these links – but I do suggest ordering direct from the links below or from Fullscript – I would NOT order these from Amazon, to ensure quality.

Seeking Health


Keep these on hand so you have them if you need them.

It would also be okay to take a round of them outside of antibiotic use as a way to get more variety in your gut bacteria and yeast population. Because we all know… Variety is the spice life *wink*wink* and this is certainly true for our guts!

Happy Sunday!

As always, I’m here for questions!

Take good CARE of you this week!