Happy Sunday!


I hope you’re all having a restful weekend!


It’s officially summer and that means lots of travel for many!


Today is full of tips and tricks to help you feel good while you’re traveling as it can be SO easy to “throw in the towel” and while you’re having a great time while you’re there – it will inevitably take longer than it should to recover from it when you get home. Below are ways you can support your body so you feel good while traveling and recover more efficiently.


When a client travels during our work, one of the ways I help them stay accountable and feeling good is the list of “non-negotiables” below:


These are the things you can control + make happen that will keep you on track – aka help keep blood sugar stable:

  • Always start your day, within 15-20 minutes of waking with 12-16oz filtered water.

  • Protein is priority at every meal + snacks.


    • it’s so easy to lose sight of this when traveling – consider bringing a non-disposable water bottle from home that you can fill up a couple of times per day.

  • Prioritize 7-8 hours of sleep every night

  • If you’re taking amino acids (as I’ve suggested in previous Sunday Wisdom’s) – bring these with you. Even if you’re not working out – these can serve as a helpful protein source if you’re faced with less than ideal options.


^^^if all else fails – at least you’re doing these things.


Here is a link to an article from Levels that has many suggestions for homemade snacks to travel with – as well as some helpful information on how to contact TSA if you want to know if they will allow you through security with certain items.


Admittedly, some of the suggestions in this article are even “too much” for ME (and I eat, sleep and breathe this stuff). BUT, I think there are some helpful takeaways and will get your wheels turning for some ideas.


Additionally, I keep a running list of “Alix Approved” protein bars that I’m always adding to when I find a new one. Sharing that below:


I’ve noted my favorite flavors of each below so you have a place to start.

FYI – Laird, Rawr, Sakara, RevRaw and Kion need to be ordered from their respective sites. The others can be found at Whole Foods or ordered on Amazon. All linked respectively below.

  • Laird BarDark Chocolate Sea Salt is my go-to


  • Rawr BarChocolate Mint and DarkChocolate Almond are my favs

    • be sure to look at their “combo packs” – you can try a couple of flavors


  • 4-5g Sugar or Less KIND BarDark Chocolate Sea Salt is my go-to

    • I wouldn’t “bank” on these – many better options in this list – but helpful when traveling // in a pinch as almost all Starbucks + Airports have them


  • IQ BarChocolate Sea Salt is my fav


  • Bulletproof BarVanilla Shortbread is my go-to


  • Sakara LifeI like the “Energy” and “Metabolism” flavors best

    • these are admittedly not my favorite in terms of flavor. BUT – ingredients are very good – nutrient dense. They travel well and “get the job done” – if you will.


  • Rev Rawany flavor without peanuts.


  • KION

    • these do have more sugar in them than I would typically recommend and they also contain dairy via whey protein – with this in mind, I think the type of sugar and the fact that they use grass fed whey make these a decent choice and would much rather one of these with a little extra sugar from a decent source than you grab a back of processed chips at the airport kiosk.


I hope you will put the above into practice as you travel this summer and beyond.


As always, I’m here for questions!


Get to ordering 😉