Happy Sunday!

You might be glad to know this is my last of a few Sunday Wisdom’s around routine. We’ll switch it up next week.

I do hope you’ve gleaned some motivation and wisdom to put to use in your routines.

Today, I’m sharing the routine I swear helps me sleep better – read: deeper, longer, waking up feeling rested more often than not.

Reminder: good sleep starts in the morning, not at night.

Here’s how I structure my days to best support my circadian rhythm aka support good sleep:

I get my eyes and skin in the sunshine for 5 minutes within a morning hour.

This ideally happens within 1 hour of waking, but sometimes that isn’t possible due to weather or where we are in the time changes.

When possible, this is a great way to set circadian rhythm up for success right off the bat – also extremely helpful if traveling between different time zones.

I eat meals at consistent times each day.

Meaning, daily >>

I am eating breakfast between 8-9am, lunch between 12:30-1:30p and dinner between 6-7p.

Does this get thrown off sometimes due to travel, etc – sure – but I do my best to keep this as consistent as possible.

No caffeine after 2pm.

Even if I know I’ll be out late, tempting as it is to grab a caffeine hit to make myself stay up later, I try to be diligent about this to support my circadian rhythm.

I wake up and go to sleep around the same times, daily.

Typically I am awake between 6-7am and asleep between 9-10pm.

This, like eating meals at consistent times, creates safety in the body by giving it something to count on (the whole point of routine in the first place).

I take a good amount of magnesium every night before bed.

I call magnesium “nature’s muscle relaxer”. Not only is its job to help muscles relax but nerves as well + can have an overall calming effect on the body. Research shows that majority of the population is deficient in magnesium – as I mentioned in last weeks Sunday Wisdom, stress is one the top ways we run through magnesium the fastest. Not to mention if you sweat (for any reason) – you’ll use it up faster.

I mentioned this particular supplement in last weeks email as part of my routine around managing stress >> Xymogen Optimag NeuroI’ve found it to be helpful for sleep, as well, in myself and clients who’ve used it.

I dim my house lights and put on Blue Light Blockers about an hour before bed.

I know, I know – sexy time. But, they work. Clients who’ve worn them consistently have shared that they get very sleepy within 30 minutes of putting them on.

I shared a link above to the glasses I use.

Last, I create calm before bed.

I do NOT (as much as I can avoid it) go to bed riled up.

I set my phone down at least 30 minutes before going to sleep – no scrolling social media or checking emails, etc.

I am a voracious reader – for 30 minutes every night before bed, I read my book and it has been a GAME CHANGER in my sleep – it helps me fall asleep faster and lessens anxiety. If you’re not into reading – you can try a breathing exercise, meditation or turn on a mindless TV show WHILE WEARING YOUR BLUE LIGHT BLOCKERS 😬 (but seriously).

If you struggle with sleep (or just want to take better care of yourself) – I hope you’ll adopt at least some, if not all of my routine. It really works.

Gentle nudge to set aside a few minutes today and set your intentions for self-care for the week ahead. You’ll show up better for yourself and those around you by doing so.

As always – I’m here for questions!