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Many of you have heard me “harp” on the importance of taking amino acids before or after a workout.


One question I get often is: what’s the difference between EAA’s (essential amino acids) and BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids)?


The article I am sharing today (3-5 mins read) offers helpful clarity here and my hope is – will motivate you to take your EAA’s consistently – given ALL of the benefits discussed.


A few thoughts and a caveat:


Sometimes I suggest taking amino acids before a workout.

Sometimes I suggest after.


So, which is best?


Ultimately, either is helpful – just get them in. But, more specifically –


I suggest taking them before your workout if you are going into the workout fasted (aka without having eaten anything) as these will support an anabolic (muscle building) state vs catabolic (muscle eating state – which can happen more easily when in fasted – in which case, we’re working against ourselves during the workout).


If you’ve eaten before your workout – taking them after is helpful.


Additionally, for anyone practicing vegan, plant-based or vegetarian 🥬

amino acids are incredibly important for you and can be used as a protein source not just pre or post workout but adding to an afternoon snack or a meal that you will not get a complete protein in.


My caveat – this article is written by a company that sells EAA’s. So, there is no doubt, some bias. That said, if you scroll to the bottom of the article, they are transparent in sharing links to all research mentioned in the article.


Additionally, this is the company I recommend most for amino acid supplementation. So, I’m also bias 😬 I’ve used them and followed them since they started and believe in their quality standards.


**communicating to those who order via Fullscript: I have recommended Thorne brand there as I’ve found it to be most similar in quality to KION and unfortunately KION is not available on Fullscript.


If you’re not currently taking an amino acid supplement around your workouts – I suggest considering it for all reasons stated in the article. I think you’ll find faster recovery from your workouts, more motivation, less inflammation and clearer thinking from doing so. It’s a lovely to support your body.


I’m here for questions!


Take GOOD care of you this week!