Side Dish

“5 Minute” Grain Free BreadIf you Pinterest in the Paleo food arena at all, you've seen all sorts of "5 Minute Paleo Bread" recipes. Many of them advertise that the recipe makes "Sandwich Bread." It all kind of sounds too good to be true, right? many Pins do.
3 Ingredient Paleo Naan with Easy Primal TzatzikiThis duo of recipes is one of my very favorite things to make for Mo and I (or, just myself šŸ™‚ ) when I get the craving for something bready and unctuous! You know that craving? No? Just me? Ha! If you don't know it - I'm not sure how to explain it... It's just this want for something doughy that has a little chew to it and something to dip that texture in just tops it off! ...takes it over the edge!
Baked Sweet Potato “Fries” with Paleo Curry AioliDo these really need an intro? I mean - REALLY? Here's what I will say - you're going to scroll down and read the directions and think, "Yeah. Ain't got time." But you DO! Trust me! It SEEMS like a long process and it kind of is, but it's SUPER easy and let me tell you - worth EVERY second! And it's not really a long process in that it's time-consuming, it just needs a little prep and planning.
Cauliflower Chowder with Spiced ChickpeasI get on these kicks sometimes... Recently, it's chowders. I literally wake up thinking about making chowder. I've never made a chowder. Never really had a burning desire to. But then for whatever reason, and this is how it works with me, I see something on TV or I have something at a restaurant and suddenly I am fixated on this one thing.
Chilled Cauliflower SaladOne of our favorite restaurants in Dallas is Bolsa. They always have beautifully crafted cocktails with high quality ingredients and they feature a constantly changing seasonal menu. They were on the "farm-to-table" scene way ahead of their time.
Chilled Cucumber SoupWe love and abide by seasonal eating. When you eat seasonally, it is more flavorful, less expensive and naturally more nutritious.
Clean Eating Cornbread MuffinsI grew up on cornbread! My mom always made it to go with soup, which we had pretty often growing up! Smelling it baking in the kitchen brings me right back to my mom's house when I was little. It is the best nostalgia!
Coconut RiceThis recipe makes the perfect white rice and then adds that creamy, coconutty (is that a word?) mouthfeel and flavor to it and oh my goodness -- It. Is. AWESOME.
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