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Paleo Almond Flour Drop BiscuitsI have been on the hunt for a good biscuit - one that is not laden with fat (again - I'm not against fat by ANY stretch, but I do think too much of ANYTHING is not a good thing...), moist (don't you hate that word!? LOL!), flaky, AND that I don't have to cut butter into, roll out, bladdy, bladdy, blah. I want EASY but tastes like LOVE - like a biscuit SHOULD taste.
Paleo Classic Deviled EggsI feel like deviled eggs are reminiscent of the summer. Fourth of July, picnics, etc. But, every Thanksgiving my family always has deviled eggs on the table. I have no clue if this is traditional in the American household or not, but it is in ours and I love it! I always look so forward to them.
Paleo TortillasI was born and raised in Texas. I love Mexican food, as do most of us Texans. In spite of my clean eating lifestyle, if you know me at all, you know that chips and salsa are my favorite food group. Yes, I just gave chips and salsa their own piece of the puzzle on the food pyramid!
Pre or Post Workout Mango Maca SmoothieThis is one of our go-to, absolute favorite pre or post workout meals/snacks! The addition of Maca Root to this recipe really bumps up the nutrient density because Maca Root touts all of the following benefits:
Pre Workout ShakeAs Holistic Nutritionists, we are always coaching clients on how to race fast AND recover fast - but not only fast, recover WELL. Could you shove a couple of donuts down your throat with a pot of coffee before a race and probably have a pretty good race? Sure. Race in and race out, though? No. Here's why: by practicing the thinking of "I just need food so I can burn it - it doesn't matter what it is or the quality of it..." is completely backwards.
Roasted Heirloom Potatoes with Lemon Basil AioliThis recipe... These potatoes... We have them AT LEAST once a week at our house! They are the easiest things in the world to make and I'm here to tell you - they are JUST as good as french fries - THERE! I said it! I'm serious...
Spelt Flour Pumpkin BreadOh... Are you surprised I'm posting yet another pumpkin recipe? What did I tell you? Pumpkin is my favorite! I smile so big every time I get to use it! Anyway - you know this by now, if you've been following along. So I won't go into all of the details of my love affair with this little vegetable. But suffice to say, I might turn orange because I've been eating so much of it! Not really... I mean, can that ACTUALLY happen???
Sweet Potato Hash with Thyme and Pumpkin SeedsWe've most definitely talked about sweet potatoes before. If you've been following us for a while, you know that we could quite possibly live on sweet potatoes alone. Oh. And chips and salsa. Mo would have to have meat somewhere in that mix - because, he's a manly man! Ha!
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